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There's a whole world of coffees out there, and the flavours are much more than just the country of origin. If you want more of one you've already tried, or are looking to browse through my extensive list of coffees from different UK independent roasters, then this is the page for you.


All these coffees below have been personally tasted, though as a natural product coffee beans change in character as they are stored, both as green beans and roasted or packed. Notes are just that, and nothing will substitute your own experience, though this should help you know what to look for and discover amongst a whole world of choice!


Please note that not all coffees here are available online. I try my best to keep things current but cannot guarantee any coffee is still in stock. Coffees previously tasted and not liked will NOT appear on this page!


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The Americas



Flor de Mayo, Cup of Excellence

An excellent soft coffee with muted acidity and gentle lightness to it. Perfect anytime drinker with a hint of the Brazilian about it, this coffee also displays a pleasant background caramalized citrus.

Notes apply to same origin but different roaster.

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Sitio du Tileco, Organic

I so love Brazil! This coffee from Alex Nanetti is currently limited to around 35 bags per crop and has such great sweetness and lightness that makes this gentle but rewarding. Oh so rewarding!!

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Fazenda Santa Terezhina

Shows everything that can be achieved when the quality of coffee is not sacrificed by the good intentions of others. This has won Cup of Excellence status for 5 years, and has great depth and class so that you know you are going to enjoy taking your time over it. See for yourself from the 2005 competition. Think depth, sweetness, background chocolate...but don't let me give it all away, try it for yourself!

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Fazenda Cachoeira Bourbon Pulp Natural

This was and another regular in the Cup of Excellence, four time winner and has that beautiful sweet muskiness as a result of the natural processing. Works wonderfully in a stovetop.

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Lambari Estate

A wonderfully light bodied Brazilian that is just so delicate - ideal for that light lunchtime snack where you don't want the coffee to overpower. I reckon with a pine nut salad or maybe even a waldorf you would find the perfect pairing.

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Quebradon Relationship Coffee

A classic Colombian coffee in every sense of the word. Light, good acidity and hint of nuttiness.

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Supremo Timana Cooperative

One of the best known names from Colombia, 'Supremo' indicates the bean size. With a very background hint of floral lemon, your primary characteristic is nuttiness. Works beautifully with a good cheddar (such as Montgomery's) or hard white cheese, and is an excellent choice if you want to explore single origin coffees properly.

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La Esperanza - La Plata Huila

Who loves Colombia? We all do! Nutty, great espresso component, good acidity and it's a Huila!

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Costa Rica

Brumas del Zurqui

Sweet, sweet life! A great coffee with an amazing honey sweetness that you should taste. I know I say that about a lot of coffees, but really, you must!

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El Libano

Winner of the Cup of Excellence 2007 this has been available from me since day one, and hopefully still will be! Great coffee, perfect all day drinker, mid acidity and chocolaty body.

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Ah, I loved this in the tasting room of my old job, and hated the fact that it was used as part of a blend. Great then to see it as a single origin offering, and that the word is spreading! Not as bright as some others considering it is washed, which reveals a much better character for me as this coffee is more than just acidity!

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Dominican Republic

Montana Verde


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El Salvador

Borbollon Siberia


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Finca Santa Ana


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Finca Las Nubes


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Black Bull Maragogype


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Soft and gentle, buttery, rounded and sweet. A very well known region for coffee and with very good reasons. No peak to the acidity helps give it its roundness, treat this coffee with the sensitivity it deserves, and you'll find an excellent mid day/early evening coffee, perhaps with a light chocolate mousse or white chocolate and raspberry torte...

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El Guabo San Ignacio Cajamarca

Wow! What a great powerful coffee! I was new to Peruvians but this was the first to turn my head! In my view ideal as a stovetop choice, though excellent as cafetiere too. Powerful medium to heavy bodied coffee but not too overwhelming and less mouthfeel than an Indonesian. Excellent with (or after) Merlot or even Port.

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El Sauce San Ignacio

Slightly more acidity I found than the El Guabo, but with similar heavy hitting character. Again excellent in the stovetop, and the acidity helps it keep a little zing the mouth too. Try with a fruitier wine such as a good Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Africa and Middle East





It was a Yirgacheffe that first got me in to coffee. Think of soft bergamot, lemon, middle of the afternoon with a slice of cake; A high class coffee full of refinement and a definite point of interest for newcomers and old timers alike. Everyone should try this coffee at least once.

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Wild Limu, certified organic but yet to be applied

Not wishing to be too romantic here, but coffee is native to Ethiopia, and all coffee spreads from this point on the globe. Maybe, just maybe, these bushes are related to the ones Kaldi's goats ate from and caused the world to discover the black brew... Well, think lemon, think wine, think wild, think mine!!

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Are all Yirgacheffes Sidamos or Sidamos, Yirgacheffes? An interesting test for your taste buds to look for subtleties; Think lemon, bergamot, medium body. Can you now taste why coffee spread around the world?

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Limu, Organic

A lighter roast from the Natural Coffee Company results in a slightly more delicate floral taste making this more of an all day drinker than you might expect. At the edge of my preference range (I prefer darker roasted coffees) though a good option for those that like it milder.

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Blue Mountain AA

The other Blue Mountain and nearly as well known! AA denotes bean size in this case, and you will find gentle Grapefruit and floral fruity notes here. Perfect for a morning coffee on the veranda with your fruit as the sun's rays warm your skin...

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Maraba Bourbon, Fairtrade

I had never tasted Rwandan coffee before I returned to the UK, and was really looking forward to a new origin from Africa as these coffees are a favourite. Wow! Absolutely amazing orange and grapefruit wild acidity and fruitiness make this a superbly impressive coffee, that should not be served to those that will add milk and sugar. Try this with your glass of OJ in the morning for a perfect pairing. Not an all day drinker, no Africans are for me, but what a coffee...

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Good chocolate notes and a slightly lighter body than a Sumatra should be found in Java -an excellent afternoon coffee.

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Papua New Guinea


Often used to provide body in Espresso blends, PNG is a washed coffee so exhibits more acidity than you would expect.

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Think of low acidity, full body; you can taste the earthen drying patios in this origin, wonderful musky flavours and lingering mouthfeel.

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Blue Lintong

Boom! Heavy, syrupy body, thick mouthfeel, goes great with a dark chocolate desert or crumble, though can be too heavy if paired with something like a suet pudding. Tastes like the earth it came from, a good thing, and is rewarding for the seasoned coffee drinker. Definitely not for the beginner and a regular on my personal drinking list. Due to it's mighty body, this is also available as a decaf!

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Another popular growing region, though less of a 'name' coffee. Slightly roasty with gentle herbals and good body, an excellent introduction to what Sumatra has to offer!

Tasted 06.10.08

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