Wednesday, September 24

Return of the Ugly

Earlier this year I talked about 'El Guabo' or 'the ugly' from Peru. It is hard to find a good Peruvian coffee but this has been an exception to that and one that I have been interested more in tasting throughout the year to see how the bean develops and if it fades at all.

I definitely feel it has softened in profile, and has lost a little of the sharpness to make itself an excellent Autumn coffee. This still works very well as an espresso coffee though now works better as a Cafetiere coffee and dare I say it will work excellently for those of you that drink with milk and sugar. A good strength of roast has left this as a beautiful coffee for me, but then I always was seduced by power in my coffee! Imagine this with a dark chocolate mousse while you're sat at home in the evening or outside watching the sun fade amongst the browning leaves on the trees, beautiful!

Introduced back in the 1700's as Typica to the upper mountains of Peru before cultivation in the 1850's by the Jesuits and later introduction of the Bourbon mutation in 1950 I've found good tobacco notes there, as well as body, though the El Guabo has a lighter body than you'd expect from something like Sumatra or Java which really helps to bring it to a wider market and make it slightly more versatile.

In the next couple of weeks I hope to have a bit of a session with some old and hopefully new favourites to compare, contrast and pair with foods - a new season is upon us and my thoughts have certainly started turning to a whole new (food) menu, and so, therefore coffee. There are also some very exciting African thoughts there floating around, more of which later too!

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